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Holyoke Crossing

20730 Holyoke Avenue, Lakeville
Multi-Tenant Retail
36,093 SF
Holyoke Crossing Metro Equity

Holyoke Plaza

20780 Holyoke Avenue, Lakeville
Multi-Tenant Retail
35,401 SF
Holyoke Plaza Metro Equity

Minnehaha Center

2510 E Lake Street, Minneapolis
Multi-Tenant Retail
107,941 SF
Minnehaha Center Metro Equity

Havendale Square

442 Havendale Blvd, Auburndale, FL
Multi-Tenant Retail
90,274 SF
Havendale Square Metro Equity

Blaine Central

13001 Central Avenue NE, Blaine
Charter School
34,257 SF
Blaine Central

Gazette Building

102 South 2nd Street, Stillwater
Multi-Tenant Office
8,461 SF
Stillwater Gazette Metro Equity

Holyoke Professional

8755 Upper 208th Street, Lakeville
Multi-Tenant Office
10,500 SF
Holyoke Professional Metro Equity

Hiawatha Commons Retail

2740 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis
Multi-Use Residential/Retail
13,900 SF
Hiawatha Commons Metro Equity

1130 LLC

1130 7th Street N, Minneapolis
Charter School
37,283 SF
1130 LLC Metro Equity

Hibbing Plaza

3920 13th Avenue East, Hibbing
Multi-Tenant Office
23,592 SF
Hibbing Plaza

Seventy Two Hundred

7200 147th Street W, Apple Valley
Charter School
41,008 SF

Veterans Plaza

8790 Upper 208th Street W, Lakeville
5,188 SF
Veterans Plaza Metro Equity

Dairy Delite

20885 Holyoke Avenue, Lakeville
800 SF
Dairy Delite Metro Equity

Seven Sixty Five

20765 Holyoke Avenue, Lakeville
8,477 SF
Seven Six Five Metro Equity

20757 LLC

20757 Holyoke Avenue, Lakeville
Multi-Tenant Retail
2,325 SF
20757 LLC Metro Equity

20779 LLC

20779 Holyoke Avenue, Lakeville
Multi-Tenant Retail
1,949 SF
20779 LLC Metro Equity

Fairfield Crossing

20851 Holyoke Avenue, Lakeville
Multi-Tenant Retail
6,395 SF
Fairfield Crossing Metro Equity

20777 LLC

20777 Holyoke Avenue, Lakeville
Multi-Use Residential / Retail
3,800 SF
20777 LLC Metro Equity

Holt 208

20830 Holt Avenue, Lakeville
Multi-Tenant Retail
15,300 SF
208 Holt Metro Equity

New Horizon Child Care

9085 203rd Street W, Lakeville
10,200 SF
New Horizon Metro Equity

Albany Shoppes

1016 N Westover Blvd, Albany, GA
Multi-Tenant Retail
23,379 SF
Albany Shoppes, Albany, GA

Toccoa Plaza

620 Big A Rd, Toccoa, GA
Multi-Tenant Retail
50,579 SF
Toccoa Plaza, Taccoa GA

Metro Equity Management Office

7020 Lakeville Blvd, Lakeville
Multi-Tenant Office
10,605 SF
Metro Equity Management Office